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About Us

About Us

At CynonValleyHosting all of our hosting solutions feature a 99.9% uptime guarantee and around-the-clock technical support from our highly skilled team of technicians. Should you ever outgrow your hosting package(s), you have the option to upgrade and receive more resources, allowing your project(s) to continue growing!

The company began back in 2004 as CSDNET and was later changed to CynonValleyHosting, we started as a one man operation and now operate around the clock giving customers our true high quality 24/7/365 support!

Cynon Valley Hosting was aquired in 2012 and is now part of the Serving Machines group of hosting brands, If you have any queries please Contact us!

What we're about...

CynonValleyHosting can proudly say that it is a customer focused company. Without our clients, we simply wouldn't exist. This entire company revolves around our clients. Going the extra mile is what we are all about, we don't take short cuts to make things work. We know our priorities and our clients come first! Our company is made up of a specialist team of individuals, well-determined and actively involved in the web hosting industy with many years of experience. CynonValleyHosting is known for its high client satisfaction rates, friendly support, high performance solutions and above all, competitive prices.


Here are a few reasons to host with us:

  • Flexibility - We understand that your website will grow and with that so do your demands.
  • Top Notch Support - We're here for you, whether it be 3PM or 3AM. Our support is 24/7/365.
  • One Click Installer - We offer a one click application installer which allows you to install the top 150 applications on the internet with the click of a mouse.
  • CPanel - CynonValleyHosting utilizes industry leading control panel software from cPanel.

We serve our clients with the most reliable hardware, easy to use software and the most knowledgeable support staff in the industry. So give us a try!

Need a custom hosting solution?

Speak with our sales team now and we will accomodate you in any way we can!

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